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What to expect at Decorex Cape Town, 16 – 19 June 2022

Upcoming Decorex Cape Town can’t be defined by a mere list of reasons to visit! Trying to reduce over ...
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Seaqual: Certified Products You Can Trust.

In 2016, Seaqual spent 11 months undergoing a grueling and thorough assessment process to receive an official certification from ...
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The South African National Standard for Drinking water quality has been revised and is open for public comment

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) together with its Technical Committee 147- Water (SABS/TC 147) has been working ...
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Can LNG be a Supporting Part of SA’s Future Energy Mix?

There is an intense discussion taking place around a future-proof energy strategy for South Africa. Other energy sources need ...
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Smart Cities: The Solution to Africa’s Upward Urbanisation Trend

Technical Leapfrogging could Position African Cities for Sustainable, Smart Growth Africa’s urban population is booming. At 3.5% per year, ...
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LIGHT STEEL FRAME BUILDING Galvanized substrate in LSFB – its function

In this technical article by the International Zinc Association Africa Desk (, it is argued that zinc as used in ...
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Insulation test file:Cellulose fibre empirical tests By Scott Quarmby,Factory Manager, Thermguard

The South African built environment has been abuzz over the past decade with the release of new energy efficiency management ...
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The hygiene advantages of porcelain tiles

In the time of COVID-19 and ongoing ultra-cleansing or sanitising of all surfaces to remove viruses, we wondered what this ...
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DIY: WATERPROOFING How to waterproof a pond.

This DIY article is compliments of well-known construction chemicals producer, Sika. The process starts with selecting the right materials for ...
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Soundproof your home office on a budget.

Sound consists of low-frequency waves, similar to radio waves but very different to microwave. It is the characteristic of sound ...
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A slice of forest on your doorstep, By Erina Botha, landscaper of indigenous gardens

Every garden should have a forested corner somewhere; shady and lush with a bench where one can sit and relax, ...
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