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Van Heerden Mays Publications cc T/A Media Xpose, a Level 2 BBBEE, was established in September 2010 with a 60% black ownership.

We specialize in magazine publishing, corporate branding, digital advertising, graphic design, print and sponsorships.

We are publishers of various print publications, which include the following titles: To Build, SA Building Review, Baby’s and Beyond™, SA Business Integrator, SA Profile, Rove SA and Future SA.

We also offer customised designs for print of product catalogues, coffee table magazines, brochures, pamphlets, business cards, corporate invitations, creative design and more.


To provide clients with predictive, validated decision-making tools to optimise creative development, measure advertising effectiveness and maximise media planning for a better return on investment.

We believe in a simple philosophy. Education, information, and inspiration, which are the core reasons we are in business.

To supply printed information to our clients and readers, that will inspire and educate them.


To treat all clients as partners and to build feasible business relationships that benefits both parties.

We also aim to continue with our commitment towards excellence in exposure via our print and digital platforms.


Education, information and inspiration, are the core reasons we are in business.

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